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By Dr. Paul Goss Excerpt from introduction: What you learn from this book will help you get rid of all fear and all doubt. You will once again be able to go within to discover yourself. You will understand yourself based on the wisdom you have inside and not on the programming you have received. As I state in my book, Forever Young, when you were born you knew everything there is to know about everything there is to know. This book will help you rediscover your God self and the unlimited powers that flow from the depths of your being. The word God like the word man is uninterpreted; it does not indicate male or female. It has no origin and no end. You will once again be able to create your past or destiny from any source you choose without any negative forces against you. You will understand how your body crystals work, your antennas, melanin, adrenaline, your twelve senses, and the blood of life. You will break the barrier of 33 1/3% knowledge and feel comfortable in applying the 3600 of knowledge that flows within your genes You will understand how the nerves of your body work through the iris of your eye. You will be able to find your deepest fears and put them to rest for good.